Jessica is a babe. There really isn’t a lot you can say about a woman so beautiful but we are going to give it a shot anyway. Her long brown wavy hair falls halfway down her arched back as she pushes it out of her face with both hands. In doing so, her back arches and her magnificent breasts command your eyes to look at them. Follow her rib cage down to her flat stomach and perfect little belly button and you’ll be forced to marvel at her beauty.

She is a perfect 10 with whom you can spend time. She loves the beach, good conversation and the company of wealthy and interesting men. You might think that because we have been going on about her stunning beauty that she may be a bit shallow but that is simply not the case. Strike up a conversation with her and you’ll find that she is just as interesting as the men she likes to spend time with.

If you think you can handle Jessica’s absolutely beautiful package, get in touch with her for a date below..


Age                       24

Height                5’6″

Dress Size        8

Bra Size             D

Eye Colour      Blue
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